Brass Monel Iron Bound "JailHouse" Banded Oak Stirrups

This is my version of an old stirrup in my collection from a Wyoming made saddle dating back to the the late 1880's. T is also a stirrup like this with the 3 bands in the Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City on a California made saddle dating to the late 1800's.

The sanded and finished oak shows in between the bands making this a great looking stirrup that will look good with just about any type of saddle. The bands I use are heavy 18 Gauge metal. The pictured pair are in brass, I can and will substitute a pair in the winners choice of brass, copper, polished stainless ,or with iron gun blued bands.

The pictured pair, true to the originals, have solid copper rivets, a concha covering the strap bolt and a square iron nut on the strap bolt. The third picture shows the stirrups with iron bands with an engraved copper concha covering the strap bolt. You get your choice of metal covering.

THIS AUCTION IS FOR 1 PAIR OF STIRRUPS. I have shown 2 different pair for you to see the difference in the metals available. I have made this style of stirrup for over 20 years now and named it "Jailhouse Stirrups" because the metal bands reminded me of the old flat steel rivetted vertical bars in an old west jail I was in. (visiting in)

This style of stirrup takes a lot of time to make, but I think the end result is

The stirrups are for 3" stirrup leathers, the tread is 3 1/2" wide.

As always your satisfaction guaranteed or your money less shipping refunded. Please take a look at my other stirrups for sale

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