Brass On3 2-8-0 C-19(16?) Project, Precision Scale Co., Overland

What we have here is a "project". I am guessing intent is a C-19 (see comment below), but I am mostly a "geared" expert so maybe a Grande "rod" guy can enlighten me! The logical manufacturers that come to mind are PSC and Overland, but you're welcome to "pipe-in" if you know better. The basic boiler and cab appear to come from one model and the frame from another. The tender shell may be from another source, but I am not certain. The pilot has been replaced and the original pilot is included in the pictures (done with good alignment). The boiler/cab assembly is from a factory assembled model, based on the soldering work, and the doors operate (nice). Tender trucks may be Back Shop or PSC, and the wheels are NWSL. Gear box looks like it has the same axle size and will have to be fitted etc... Lots of work to go here. As you can see with the boiler/cab sitting on the frame, the model would have a nice profile. Look at the pictures carefully. As you can see, you will need more parts to complete this model, and modification and some fabrication will be required to bring it to life. I figure I'd price it for a reasonable amount for what the parts are worth. Got too many other projects in the wings so this one's gotta go!