Brass Pin,showing Cast of Helen Trent Radio Show

From an estate-collection that has been in storage since the mid 1970's. What you see is what you get!!
This brass button measures 1 6/16th inches across and almost 1.75 inches down and is rectangular in shape with an arch at the top. T is a red button/dial on the front that can be turned to show the different cast members of the Helen Trent Show. T are five characters shown.

The Romance of Helen Trent was a radio soap opera which aired on CBS from 1933 to 1960 for a total of 7,222 episodes. The show was createdby Frank and Anne Hummert, who were among the most prolific producers during the radio soap era.

The program opened with:

And now, The Romance of Helen Trent , the real-life drama of Helen Trent, who, when life mocks her, breaks her hopes, dashes her against the rocks of despair, fights back bravely, successfully, to prove what so many women long to prove, that because a woman is 35 or more, romance in life need not be over, that romance can begin at 35.