Victor Victrola Nickel Plated Brass
Orthophonic Reproducer
Brand New SOLID BRASS Castings
Mint Condition ~ Sounds Fantastic ~ Satisfaction Guaranteed
International Bidders Welcome
All Work Guaranteed for 1 Full Year - Will Ship Internationally
You are bidding on a Nickel Plated Brass Victor Victrola Orthophonic No.5 Soundbox-Reproducer in mint condition. The entire casting is made of BRASS. This is NOT a pot metal part. It is a brand new reproduction piece. This part is nickel plated. Many folks mistake nickel plating for chrome, but this is not the case. This part is actually nickel plated just like the original Victor part. Nickel and chrome plating are similar, but chrome, in addition to having nickel in the compound, also has chromium which wasn't used until after the windup Victrola era was just about over. It is important to discern reproduction parts from originals and to not be confused about the two. The original brass reproducers have only 7 openings on the face, stamped lettering on the rear casting, and a separate machined steel fulcrum assembly. You will note that this brass reproduction is identical in style to the pot metal housing in that it has 9 openings in the front, raised lettering on the rear, and an integral cast fulcrum assembly. You might ask yourself the question: Why not just
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