Brayton Laguna Calico Cat & Gingham Dog Figurines 8

are 2 wonderful figurines from Brayton Laguna - a floral calico cat and a blue gingham dog - both seated - and both with brown 'stitching' around ears, down back, and up length of front legs to simulate the effect of stuffed pillows. Both with large blue bow around neck. Height of cat is 8"; height of dog is 7 7/8". Bases are mostly hollow.

Dog signed with capitol B inside base; cat with what appears to be a '6' inside base. I have seen these figurines as small salt and pepper shakers and as a sugar and creamer, in different colors.

Condition is excellent - no chips, cracks, 'nicks', crazing, scratches or repairs. Truly well cared for. The only flaw is from manufacture - 2 darkened pinholes to the glaze on inside leg of dog (low, and facing back) and 2 darkened pinholes to cat (also, inside leg). They are not visible from the front.

The glaze is beautiful on this animals - satiny smooth and the handpainted features are charming. A delightful pair.