Brazier (Cooking Fire Pit) Longhunter-Mnt Man-Civil War

Brazier (Portable Cooking Fire Pit)
(Revolutionary War thru Civil War)

This Brazier is designed after ones used from the Revolutionary War through the Civil War era. Everyone should have one of these for those times when you can't dig a fire pit, you just need a fire to cook on fast, or you just don't want to haul around all those extra fire irons. This Brazier (fire pit) is portable so you can just pick it up and move it at a moments notice in case it suddenly starts to rain. Just grab the bail ("WATCH OUT IT MAY BE HOT") and you can move it to a dry area and keep cooking. Comes with removable ash tray, pivoting grill, and removable bail handle for easy storage. Smaller skillets and Dutch Ovens sit right on the grill, while larger ones sit on top of 4 pads above the grill. You can also put your food straight on the grill just like a barbeque pit. Comes with four 3" tall legs to sit above the ground. You can use lump charcoal, wood chips or regular charcoal.
NOTE: I personally have been using one for the last several years and they are terrific to have on hand. I always say these are perhaps the first known primitive portable barbeque grills!

Item Condition: New
Size: 8"x8" x 12" high.


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