Breathtaking Pair Antique Embroidered Lace Pillow Cases Pair MINT Country Roses

These Gorgeous PillowCases have it all, Roses, Lace, Scallops, hand stitching, Old thick pure cotton. Country Romance!
Exceptional pair of embroidered cross stitch and crochet lace antique pillowcases. The embroidery and lace are all hand done, there is machine stitching on the case part. It is teeny tiny stitches like the old singer pedal sewing machines used to do. Both the lace and the embroidery were obviously done by someone with a lot of experience as evident by the perfect execution. Both are bright white with vivid colors in the embroidery. There are no stains, rips, tears, no odors of any kind, or any flaws. It appears these were made and maybe tucked away in a chest for years. The super thick white lace is attached by hand stitches to the cases. There isn't a snag or pull anywhere. the lace pattern is really beautiful, an overflowing basket that goes up to the embroidery country roses. Breathtaking.
You can find embroidered pillowcases, and lace edged pillowcases but it is almost impossible to find the two together that are done to this level. Just look how huge that piece of lace is! I can't even imagine the hours the lace alone took! They are very generous in size apx 35x21 Ready to be graciously displayed upon arrival. Perfect as a wedding gift, for the victorian country home, add to the cottage, there isn't
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