"The Breed Of Men" 1919 Vintage Theatrical Movie Glass Slide William S Hart

"Breed Of Men"
1919 Vintage Theatrical Glass Slide
William S Hart
Breed of Men, the 1919 Lambert Hillyer silent cowboy western (based on a story "by J.G. Hawks"; like all William Hart movies, this has a very complicated plot about a man who loses everything gambling in a dishonest faro game, run by the crooked owner of a title company, and he becomes sheriff of the new town of Chloride, Arizona; the crook sells titles over and over to unsuspecting settlers arriving in Arizona, and he tricks the sheriff into running a woman off her property who actually owns it, and she shoots the sheriff in the shoulder and he learns that he was wrong, and he chases the crook out of town, and finds him in Chicago, where he kidnaps him and brings him back to Chloride, where the townspeople try to lynch him, but the sheriff saves him and makes him pay everyone back everything he cheated them out of, after which he marries the girl) starring William S. Hart , Seena Owen , Bert Sprottle, and Buster Irving.
Condition: Very good. The glass is perfect. There's a very tiny scratch above Hart's right eye.
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