Bren Carrier BEF/Desert (3 Pack) Cromwell Models 20mm

If you're in the USA or Canada, this is an inexpensive way to buy the hard to get Cromwell Models with no expensive UK to USA shipping.
UK Bren Carrier BEF/Desert (Early War)
For the France '40 Campaign and Desert 1940/41.
This pack contains 3ea of the model.
Cromwell Models (B15 or CR34) casting in original packaging (20mm scale class Miniature)
Model is 1.7oz (plus 1oz packaging)
Inspirational and Reference Pic(s) from the web (NOT pics of the model I'm selling but of historical examples or similar for reference):
I'm selling off my personal 20mm collection so stay tuned for more auctions over the months to come.
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