Brett Hull - UMD Bulldogs 1984 Complete Set

OK, Here it is! Last Time I Sold Brett's Freshman card I had lots of people asking if I had the full set. So here it is, the complete Set of Brett Hulls Freshman year at the University of Minnesota Duluth, "The Bulldogs." I can't say enough about this set, it is still in it's original plastic case (They have been opened of course). There are cards 1 through 33. (These are the card numbers, not the players jersey numbers) 1-Ben Duffy, 2-BRETT HULL , 3-Danny May, 4-Dave Morrow, 5-Joe Delisle, 6-Brian Nelson, 7-Jon Downing, 8-Brian Johnson, 9-Sean Toomy, 10-Brian Durand, 11-Jim Plankers, 12-Mark Odnokon, 13-Jim Springer, 14-Tom Lorentz, 15-Darin Illikainen, 16-Rick Kosti, 17-Norm Maciver, 18-Guy Gosselin, 19-Matt Christensen, 20-Jim Johnson, 21-Mark Baron, 22-Bill Watson, 23-Bruce Fishback, 24-Dave Cowen, 25-Mike Cortes, 26-Jim Toninato, 27-Skeeter Moore, 28-Mike Deangelis, 29-Tom Herzig, 30-Mike Sertich, 31-Cheerleaders (Small crease on this one), 32-Assisstant Coaches, 33-Team Photo. This was the dream team as far as Duluth goes. There are several NHL players from this team, and of course it was Mr. Brett Hull's Freshman Year, so that adds just a bit of value to this set, duh.... Springer and Jim Johnson have minute marks on the backs of them, nothing to be too concerned about. The Brett Hull card is perfect. There is not much Moore ... read more