Breyer #1219 Riata Ranch LE Trick Riding Set-retired

Old Oak Farm
Alachua, Florida

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Breyer #1219 Riata Ranch Trick Riding Gift Set - retired
Limited to 3,500

Since 1957, Riata Ranch founder Tom Maier has used the values and traditions of the American Western heritage to build character in young women through disciplined instruction. The Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls are spectacular trick riders and their renowned performances are guaranteed to keep an audience holding its breath! Their repertoire of tricks includes vaulting on and off horses that are at a full gallop, dangling precariously from their Western saddles with their heads just inches from the horses' hooves, and standing tall in the saddle while proudly waving American flags. It's not all fun and games, though, for these young women, from diverse backgrounds. T's hard work too, and the girls experience all aspects of ranch life, from herding and roping cattle to catching and breaking mustangs and young horses. Once a professional rodeo champion and Hollywood stunt cowboy, Maier was in a career-ending accident in 1956. Desperate to make ends meet, he agreed to give riding lessons to a small group of students. That winter, Maier established Riata Ranch on six acres of land in California with a borrowed down payment. Today, Maier and the expert instructors at Riata
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