Erin Go Braugh, Connemara Stallion Champion Eventer, was produced for only one year in 1998 on the Pony of the Americas mold. He is a dark bay with a sock on his left hind with ermine spots. He's in good condition with very light eartip rubs, some hoof edge wear, a tiny little white speck on his left side neck (like a pinprick), and rubs on his barrel, both sides, but none through to white except for one other pinprick size one in the middle of his right barrel. He also has a few of those shiny spots, but none too big or bad. He has no cracks, chips, breaks or faults of that nature. A handsome little pony who you don't see all that often! He'd still be a splendid shelf sitter!

Any item listed that is not as described is purely accidental and is not meant to misrepresent a horse or deceive potential buyers. Sometimes it is very difficult to find every little spot on a horse -- I do my best to list everything I can find that could be an issue, but even I have off days occasionally and miss something (that's why I allow returns). I don't show, so I will never represent a horse as being show quality unless I got that horse with a NAN card. Also, we all have different ideas of what the word Mint means, so I rarely, if ever, use it. I will describe a horse as near or very near mint or factory mint new in box (NIB) on the rare
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