Breyer/Peter Stone CM Silver Dapple Welsh Cob

Want some chocolate for Valentine's Day?

Count Chocula

This gorgeous hunk of chocolaty silver-dappled goodness is Count Chocula, a custom of Breyer's Welsh Cob (Llanarth True Briton). Although this is one of my more favorite molds, he had some serious flaws that needed addressing. Mainly that goofy duck-head of his. I fixed his many flaws, and then painted him to a very gorgeous silver dapple using mainly pastels with some acrylics. The depth in his paint job is incredible! I've taken a new-found liking to painting silver dapples, and I spend more time on them then any other color; peering at reference pics for hours on end! But this guy's customization includes an entirely resculpted head with nicely flared (no more flat!) nostrils; entirely re-done ears (one forward and one back); head and neck turned in and tucked; resculpted neck; a tamer, resculpted tail; carved hooves; feathering touched up; stallion parts resculpted; removed logo and seams; front raised leg brought forward; weak ankles re-done; flat hooves balanced (no more wobbly!); and a resculpted mane and forelock. He's really ready to wow now! I made this guy to be part of my personal showstring, and if it wasn't for rising issues with other payments, that is w he would stay for a very long time! I think he is very capable of bringing home the ribbons
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