3 dolls in a wedding party. All are marked with the Storybook dolls USA, on the back. All the dolls have open/close eyes and painted upper eyelashes and little red mouths.Their limbs all move. The bride has beautiful red hair and is wonderful in her white organdy dress with satin slip, long pants underneath and painted black shoes. She has flowers and ribbon on the front of her dress and a white nylon veil with a ribbon on the side. The groom has a black tux suit pants, jacket, shirt and white satin vest. The pants have a stripe down the side and a black bow tie. To complete the outfit he wears a black top hat. His brown hair is like fuzz. The bridesmaid is a blond with a pretty pink dress, satin with nylon overskirt. She has flowers and a ribbon on the front. She has a string of pink pearls in her hair for the wedding. All the clothes have little gold snaps in the back. All these dolls are in very good condition. The bride and groom are 6 1/2" and the birdemaid is 5 1/2" tall.

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