Bridge City Tool Works PG-10 & PG-13 Profile Gages

Your are bidding on a set of PG-10 and PG-13 Articulated Profile Gauges, Certificate of Authenticity and original boxes. These tools is in great shape. They do have some very slight scratches on the brass, you can see these in the pictures. If you have any questions please contact me prior to the end of Auction. I check emails on a regular basis during the day. I will ship to lower 48 states for a flate fee of $12.00. I will accept PayPal or Cashiers check. However I do prefer PayPal. Like any auction, this sale is considered final, I will do my best to answer all requests for additional information prior to the end of the auction. Contact me before bidding with any questions not covered above. This is what Bridge City Tool Works has to say about the these profile gauges. As you read below, keep in mind this is for PG-10 and PG-13 only, not the PG-5. T is only one knob that comes with this set. SNEAK PREVIEW #51 / Multipurpose Profile Gages

Every craftsperson eventually needs to cut a profile to mate precisely with an oddball shape. It is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks to do well. We proudly offer three unique profile gages to assist you in making high quality, gap free work.

Each of our profile gages offers exciting opportunities for accuracy not found in today's marketplace. The PG-5 Profile Gage

Each of our profile gages uses an array of "fingers" meticulously straightened from 0.030" (.76 mm) stainless steel wire-as small as function will allow. Spring tempered for durability, the finger arrays are held captive in a solid brass tool body by a CNC milled pressure bar. Working together they effortlessly capture the small details and intricate profiles needed to do quality work.

As you slowly press the gage against your work, the fingers align themselves to the profile. You are now ready to trace the exact profile to your stock. It's fast, accurate and amazingly easy. With either the PG-10 or the PG-13 (which are both articulated) , you almost always push the wire fingers into the profile from the back. The reason is simple-at any setting other than 180 degrees, the finger arrays are not parallel.

Even more unique, the PG-10 and the PG-13 are capable of capturing profiles beyond a centerline or "mirror axis". It's possible to "capture" the profile prohibiting removal of the gage from the profile! No problem simply unlock one section and remove both (or all three in the case of the PG-13) sections and reassemble the tool. The unique positive alignment of the joint allows reassembly in exactly the same configuration as the original reading! The PG-5 Profile Gage

This traditional profile gage features a working width of 4.82" (122 mm) and a working depth of 2.35" (59 mm).

Use the PG-5 for all molding patterns, model work, and furniture making. It is the perfect tool for linoleum and carpet cutouts, counter top cutouts, electrical and plumbing mating profiles and much more. One of my favorite applications is as a depth gage. The PG-5 (or any section of the PG-10 or PG-13) is particularly useful for seating hardware. Chisel the pocket for a hinge or lock set, take a "profile depth" reading and you will easily see the high spots needing further work. Another favorite application is custom drawer liners or tool racks. Profile your favorite tools and transfer to your stock to cut the profile away. This will keep your tools in a unique place either on the wall or in a drawer. It's very impressive when done well! The PG-10 & PG-13 Articulated Profile Gages

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