Old Briefcase full of Wheat Pennies,Silver Coins,Gold Jewelry,Old Bills

Old Briefcase Filled with Coins, Old Bills, Jewelry & More

Found in an old house. I know next to nothing about grading money or what years are good or not. They are all old. I do know what the silver ones look like but that's about the extent of it. Please look at the photos and decide for yourself. Over $600 face value, I am starting it at .99 cents so my listing fee is low,

1 Mis-Struck penny 1984 very shiny and clear

Old Bank bag of wheat pennies about 7 lbs

Just glancing through them there are dates from the teens on, with different letters from where they were minted and some with no mint mark. A lot in the 30's & 40's. A few are very shiny.

1 Roll of Pennies. I Opened one end and it was an Indian Head Penny dated 1900

Other end had a penny from 1911. No idea what's dated between but they were the only ones in a roll.

2 Oversized dollar bills, one has Lincoln and Grant on the front from 1899

The other is a large 1923 Bill. My neighbor says it's called a "Funny Back"

Out of print bills

3 $100's

1 $50

3 $20's

2 $10's

6 $5's

Also 1 $10 from 1934 lots of additional writing on the front

1 $5 Blue Seal Bill

7 $2 Red Seal Bills

21 1$ Blue Seal Bills (including 4 mentioned
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