I have up for bids a New Bright Electric Train Set complete and in v ery good condition,the only thing I found wrong was 1 broken piece of plastic where the tracks join together I put the train together and run it,the piece did not affect it at all the train runs and sounds great.The engine is approx. 14'' long has working headlight/sound there is a switch on the side of the engine-Train Sounds & Mute under smoke stack it has Fort Crook 1855 Chattannoga Limited-W.&.A.R.R. 1855 Chattanooga Limited-Chattanooga-The blue tender car with wood it has GENERAL on the sides it is approx.9'' long -The light brown and dark brown coach car has WESTERN&ATLANTIC RAILROAD on the top and CHATTANOOGA ON THE BOTTOM-The Red caboose has CHICAGO and NorthWestern Railway C 398 Limit 8 passengers on the side it is approx.9'' long.Electronic synchronized train sound,16' metal track layout,compatible with big scale sets,working headlamp,easy assemble track set up,Rolling stock cars compatible with all new bright sets.110V Wall Transformer,Power Track Clip Rheostatic Speed Control,Reset Breaker,Metal track.(c)New Bright Industrial Co.,Ltd.1997 NO-376.The box does have some torn places but is in fair to good condition.I do not know much about this type of train if you have any questions email me and I will try to answer.Delivery confirmation

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