Brilliant Uncirculated 1884-O MS New Orleans Mint Old Morgan Silver Dollar Coin


Uncirculated New Orleans Mint

Brilliant "Cartwheel" Luster*

Morgan Silver Dollar

90% Silver Dollar almost 130 years Old Key Date New Orleans Mint Mark Legal USA Silver Coinage Investments and Collections See HD Scan coin scanned = coin shipped New Orleans was founded in 1718 and was a great commercial hub because it was at the mouth of the Mississippi River and is located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Therefore it was a commercial strategic location, a large amount of gold passed through the city ports each year from Mexico, it was located near a natural gold deposits in Alabama, New Orleans was the fifth largest city in the country at the time, it processed more foreign trade than any of the other cities in the US and therefore the US government made it a branch mint on March 3 of 1835. There were two other smaller and less known mints of Charlotte Mint and Dahlonega Mint in the south as well.
United States President Andrew Jackson had a large influence in the creation of this mint. In 1832, he used his veto power to prevent a rechartering of what was an institution known as the Second Bank of the US. He also used an executive order known as Specie Circular, which required that any land transactions had to be paid in cash. These fiscal policies along with an economic depression
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