Brinn's Porcelain 17" Clown Doll Collectible 1990 Girl

17" Brinn's Porcelain Collectible Girl Clown Dol l
Brinn's 1990
This porcelain clown doll dressed in pink satin outfit with lace overlay, with ribbons of pink and lace of white around the collar is simply adorable.
She has a porcelain face, hand, feet. Solid stuffed body and batting stuffed hat with netting sewn over batting so does not come out of hat. The hat sit upon her head and stays put with the attached elastic chin strap. Two pompoms on the front of hat and two pink ribbons with bells attached to top so they dangle over tip of hat. They make the jingle noise if moved. Arms can be positioned any way you desire there is wire which shapes to position desired. She can either stand with a stand which I do not have cause I sat her down or like stated she can sit.
She has red/brownish hair and three pompoms going down the front of her outfit. Ribbons which tie around her cuffs to tighten the look. She has lace overlay on on sleeve and one side of the outfit which is very cute. She also has the pink ribbon at her leg cuffs to tighten the look. She is wearing white felt shoes. Porcelain hands and feet and face. Her face is painted and eyes stay open even when laying down.
Has a plastic round tag connected to her hand which states " Authentic Collectible Edition, Brinn's 1990, Made in Taiwan.
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