Here is a rare, unopened, Mint item in original packaging from a world leader in die-cast, Great Britain's William Britains Miniatures:

Russian t-34/76 WINTER - WWII 1943. This is an example of the early model T-34 tanks that took part in the Defense of Moscow, the Battle of Stalingrad, and the Battle for Kursk. It is regarded by many as the finest overall tank design of WWII, and certainly a tank that turned the tide of battle on the Eastern Front in favor of the Russian Army. When the Germans first came into contact with this tank during the drive towards Kiev in late 1941 they were shocked to find it superior to their own designs. It was produced in such vast numbers throughout the War that Germany was never able to fully devise an effective counter measure. It had a 76mm gun, thick sloping armor, speed, and wide treads that allowed it to navigate over the soggy Russian terrain much better than the German tank designs. It was probably the greatest single factor in helping defeat the German Army on the Russian Front.

William Britains 17497B in Unopened, original foam padded Collector Box

with certificate of authenticity

Heavy diecast minature from William Britains Item is dicontinued and no longer available from manufacturer 1:32 Scale RARE WINTER CAMO VERSION seldom seen on Ebay Incredible detailing
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