Britains Knights of the Sword (Deetail) Siege Engines


-Job lot of vintage 1980s Britains Knights of the Sword (Deetail era) siege engines:

Shield Tower number 7789 - a siege tower

Balista with knights 7785 - a siege weapon

Catapult with knights 7788 - a siege weapon

-Shield tower is essentially complete with accessories and in good condition. One of the handles has broken of the drawbridge but is included and could be reattached. The drawbridge can still be lowered.

-The ballista does not have any ammunition if it did originally any, one figure is of its base and the other is missing. Knights are missing weapons.

-The catapult is missing its central throwing arm meaning it is non functional.

-All of the items come with their original boxes.

-Please also see the other Britains Knights I have listed.


-Proof ofpostage will be obtained in all cases and I will happily share it with the successful bidder.

-I will ship worldwide, though the price will of course be higher than within the UK. Non-UK bidders please feel free to ask for a quote for shipping if your rate is not already given. Any custom charges that are applicable are of course the responsibility of the buyer, these are unlikely to apply if the item has a low final price.

-Available for collection
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