Britains Space STARGARD Men, Aliens, Cyborgs 14 pc Lot

Britains Space STARGARD Space Men & Aliens, & Cyborgs ( oh my!)
14 piece Lot. ALL INCLUDE THEIR ORIGINAL METAL BASES. All are missing their weapons.
Spacemen: One of the yellow humans still has his transparent space helmet (middle row, far right), the rest of the yellow guys are bareheaded (except for one who is missing his head).
Aliens: Most still have their original metallic paper decals. All have their nasty little red heads!
Cyborgs: The paint on the rubbery attachments of the two Cyborgs has softened and is peeling off. (NOTE: if you are a BRITAINS SPACE collector then you know that the paint used on these rubber parts never did dry was always a bit tacky and came-off on your fingers. You would think that Britains Should'a known better with a paint like That...) BUT, Don't despair! I have discovered that this funky paint CAN be fairly easily wiped-off with a little patience and an old handkerchief. The rubber attachments and the Cyborg figures themselves are both unharmed/undamaged.
Beef up your outer space rank-and-file with these hardy specimens...I mean, spacemen. ( I'm sure somebody out t is selling repro Britains Starguard weapons on EBay!)
Ships to USA/48 for $6.99; AK/HI/Canada for 10.50; UK/Europa for $12.50-US.