British 1948 No 7 MK1/L Bayonett

No. 7 Mk. I/L Bayonet

The No. 7 Mk. I/L (number seven, mark one, land service) was intended to address a number of desires: 1) Replace the No. 4 spike bayonet (that nobody liked); 2) Utilize the bowie blade of the No. 5 Mk. I Jungle Carbine bayonet (that everybody liked); and, 3) Serve a dual role as a fighting knife. The No. 7 Mk. I/L was a very innovative and complex design. The No. 7 Mk. I/L effectively integrated the No. 4 socket and a synthetic composition grip, with the blade & crosspiece of the No. 5 bayonet. As a result, the No. 7 Mk. I/L would mount to the No. 4 rifle, the Mk. V Sten machine carbine, and the Sterling L2 submachine gun.

176,000 No. 7 Mk. I/L bayonets were produced. The design was perfected by the Wilkinson Sword Co., who produced 1,000 bayonets in 1944. Mass production was carried out by four manufacturers from 1945-1948. The four makers and their production are as follows: Birmingham Small Arms, Ltd. - 25,000; Elkington & Co. Ltd., Birmingham - 20,000; Royal Ordinance Factory, Poole – 30,000; and Royal Ordinance Factory, Newport – 100,000. Examples are found with both reddish-brown and black grips.

THIS BAYONETT IS DATED 1948 and Has a Circle With a P inside indicating made in Poole.

Scabbord is Good except tha end is either missing or came unsewed.