British Armed Forces Arctic Windproof DPM Combat Smock Size 190/120 (New)

This auction is for a 'New old stores stock' Genuine British Armed Forces Arctic Windproof DPM combat smock NATO size 190/120 which will fit someone up to 6 ft 4inches in height with a 48 inch chest.
The smock is the later version without the second rank tab on the back and looks to be made from the later poly cotton material rather than the original gaberdine or 'ventile' material used in the earlier versions of these jackets. from the manufacturers label, the camouflage pattern and the colours used, This jacket appears to be a post 90's manufactured jacket (but I'm only guessing and will stand corrected if anyone knows differently)
The manufacturers lable states
Smock Combat Windproof Arctic
CM 8415-99
Size 190/120
NATO size 8090/1520
Cookson and Clegg Ltd
These type of jackets were issued to all branches of service from the 1970s to early 2000's undergoing various revision in specification of materials used camouflage pattern and colour although the basic design remained the same.
This jacket along with the matching trousers was the type worn in Northern Ireland and the Bosnia conflict during this period.
The jacket is in New Old Stores Stock condition and does not look to have been worn, although it may have been tried on. The jacket shows no signs of any wear, damage, defects
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