British Army Buff Leather Sporran Strap - Slade Wallace webbing pattern

RARE British Army Buff Leather Sporran Strap
This belt is unused and unblanco-ed.
Made of buff leather with a good quality brass buckle. Used by the Scottish Regiments to attach their sporran.
As this quality of 3/4 inch width leather is so rare, costume designers & re-enactors sometimes use these sporran straps to make water bottle carriers for Boer War / Rorkes Drift re-enacting, or for the leather strap of British Army cavalry lances.
This is a genuine issued item - dated 1957 and is marked with a War Dept arrow
Manufacturer: B H & G Ltd
Length: 42 inches with holes to give 29" - 38" waist
3/4" wide
Due to thickness of the leather I'll have to post as small packet