British Army officer's Pre 55 Pattern Crimean war 8th Hussars Sabretache

This is an Officers Sabretache of the 8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars, a pre-55 pattern worn in the Crimean war and the Charge of the Light Brigade. It belonged to a complete set we have built up of a Sabretache from all five regiments that took part in the charge, which you can see in the last picture, and we did not wish to split them up, but regretfully we have not recieved offers for all five perhaps due to the current financial climate. The others will also be listed at some point, please ask if you are interested. This one was owned by an officer who served with the regiment from 1849-56 and was ADC to Lord Lucan, the commander of the cavalry division at the battle of Balaclava. Though it has been in our posession for many years, it once belonged to Boris Mollo, one of the foremost experts and authors of this period of British military history (You can see a list of books mr Mollo wrote at /author/boris-mollo/ ). We have also included a picture of the letter mr Mollo wrote in regards to this sabretache, so you can see for yourself. In lovely condition with some real history behind it and a genuine piece of provenance from a famous and respected expert. Please ask with any questions.
We have been contacted by several people with questions about the price, suggesting it is expensive. Indeed it would be expensive for a late
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