British Army Union Flag, Crimean War Pole and Finial

A full size flagpole, 8 and a half - 9 feet tall, this pole and its Finial are both from the Crimean war. The finial is a heavy golden gilt crown with a Statant Lion, and the pole itself is also bottomed with metal. We believe this was used in battle, as more ceremonial flags and finials were more polished; Heavy detailing still remains on the finial, suggesting it has been polished less and only taken out in anger. The finial is heavy and superb to look at, the lion especially impressive.
The cords and tassels are Georgian Waterloo period, constructed from gilt and scarlet silk. They are quite heavy and in superb condition for their age, being somewhat older than the Crimean War pole and Finial.
The flag itself is also a genuine heavy silk British army Union flag, however we are not sure of its exact age. We have had the ensemble for about 15 years now, and believe the flag is from the 50s or 60s.
An extremely impressive set, which will be shipped in two parcels to you. One box will contain the Finial, flag, and cords and tassels; The pole will be sent seperately. Please ask with any questions.
We have had a few questions regarding the postage costs to the rest of the world..Unfortunately that's what the courier service we use will charge. However, you are more than welcome to arrange your own collection
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