British CHINDIT Patch - cloth

The INDIANA JONES OF EBAY does it again !!...........I have managed to purchase THREE militaria collections..........mainly patches, badges,insignia & headgear.

One of the main collection of patches & insignia, is a real treasure trove......I showed samples from it to one dealer who wanted to buy the entire collection...but I would rather let YOU the collectors have a chance than him obtain them solely for profit.

The origianal owner collected some older RARER patches...and also filled the gaps of 'difficult / impossible to find 'items with good reproduction patches. I am Not an this collection of patches will be listed as low priced NO reserve........t are genuine and some good repros...I am not sure which is which....come on bag a bargain.............any q's please email me.Many of these are Re-Enactor & Museum display quality.



This item is a single ROUND patch with the the symbol of Chindits on it.

The Chindits were the largest of the allied Special Forces of the 2nd World War. They were formed and lead by Major General Orde Wingate DSO. The Chindits operated deep behind enemy lines in North Burma in the War against Japan. For many months they lived in and fought the enemy in the jungles of Japanese occupied Burma, totally relying
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