A very collectable and Nice WW11 1907 Enfield BAYO NET WSC ( Bayonet dated - 9 43 (SEPT. 1943) G reat Collectable. Excellent for individual display or with British MKIII Rifle.

Blade marked S294 (code) WSC 9- 43 - ( see picture #3) A Great 1943 marked Bayonet with a round * WWII* Frog retainer Scabbard Set (WWII Scabbard ) - excellent WWII collectable Set! Round frog retainer scabbards were for WWII issue 1907 Bayonets.

This is a Great Collectable Set- from WWII. Please Judge the quality of the Bayonet Set by the pictures Shown - I think you will appreciate the nice condition of the Bayonet set.

We welcome Australian Customers - mailing cost is listed at the bottom of the ad.

If you wa nt or need a model 1907 for your collection - this could be it- it is priced very reasonable - do not let the low price fool you - it is a nice bayonet set.. These well marked and many proofed British Bayonets are very historic and are much more interesting than simply standard world bayonets. These Bayonets made history in two World Wars and countless worldwide small incidents. I wish I knew more about the various proofs - a person could do some research and establish more of its history. A NICE ADDITION TO ANY COLLECTION! British bayonet and scabbard used by England Canada and Australia in both WW1 and WW11. it
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