British Heliograph 5" Mk V - H.E.D. World War II

'Helio 5" Mk V - H.E.D.

It is a type Helio 5" MkV, of brass and steel construction, has a selection of various accessories (see picture) and comes complete in its original leather case.

This British heliograph was purchased from the Ordnance Survey. They would have purchased it to signal whilst cartographing however, I think I was the first person to open it from the day it was made.

It is in perfect condition.

It is complete with a Morse-code keying mechanism and is in working condition. Heliographs were used to communicate by reflecting sunlight from the mirrors and were therefore favoured in sunny climates like Australia and Southern Africa. This maybe the reason it was never used or the rapid advances in radio technology.

I opened the spare mirror box, all fine.

It's not light so postage is not cheap. £25 to the EU

all other countries please contact me.

Outside of the UK requires instant clear payment.