2 Very Fine British Late Bronze Age Decorated Bronze Beads: Circa: 900 - 700BC

Rare British Late Bronze Age Decorated Bronze Beads


British Late Bronze Age - North Wales

Circa: 900 - 700 BC

Size and weight:
3.2cm and 2cm and 27.6 grams
Two fine decorated late Bronze Age bronze beads. Both examples are decorated with ridge and furrow designs and both have excellent developed patination tones. British Bronze Age material is rare and these beads are very fine condition and a good large size: Provenance: North Wales

All rings originate from private collections from both the UK and Europe. All ring examples are carefully selected and graded (A, B and C please see below) with all carefully cleaned and conserved as required. If a repair has been made, this will be mentioned in the description. Delivery charges are kept to the minimum and are usually 1 st class via Royal Mail.
Grade A – Very fine: with no defects and little band distortion
Grade B – Fine: minimum defects and band distortion
Grade C – Good to fine: with defects as stated in description


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