British Levant; KGV Seahorse SGZ186 5/- Rose-Carmine; superb used Z4 cancel

GB used in British Levant; KGV 1919 Seanorse SGZ186 5/- Rose-Carmine; with a fine strike of the Z4 British APO Army Post Office cancel, dated 25 February 1920.

Fine appearance, fine & fresh condition with clean reverse and no faults. SG Cats £90. Scarce high value in superb used condition

For new customers/bidders, especiallythose based in the USA, please see terms/conditions of sale below the scan;

Conditions of sale for new overseasbidders/buyers

Countries I do not ship to:

I do not ship high or low value items to new customers based in the following countries; Russian Federation, Ukraine, Rumania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, Philippines, Malaysia (excl Singapore), India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, or South & Latin American countries, incl Mexico.

Bids/Sales from/to buyers from these countries will be cancelled unless the item can be sent to an address in UK

For some other countries, eg China, Israel Poland and Ukraine shipping is by signed-for registered mail only, irrespective of the value of the item. There are no exceptions. Items to these countries will not be shipped until the full cost of registered post is paid for. If unsure, please enquire before placing a bid.

USA-based bidders:

High-value items (over £40/$60):

For US-based

Bids are welcome from any of my known/existing customers, who are based in the USA.

For shipping higher value items to the USA I no longer recommend the use of Royal Mail Airsure or signed for mail. This is due to the considerable delays (over 2 months) in the delivery of these items.

So regular airmail is used, at the buyer's risk and I obtain a certificate of posting.

Thank you


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