British M1855 Duty Bugle

The British M1855 Duty Bugle
Length 11 in., Bell diameter 4 in.

Not sure when or w it was made, appears to be a double twist bugle in B Flat. These bugles were introduced in England in 1855 but the model they are based on can be traced back to 1810. This has been the regulation bugle for all British military services for over 150 years. One thing to say about the British - they certainly maintain tradition. Although the British have also used trumpets in E Flat, the bugle is the standard signaling horn. These instruments can be easily identified when compared to a cheaper made reproduction (see "Gunga Din" Bugle, below). The originals are made of a heavier gauge metal and many have British manufacturing markings such as Hawkes & Son, Potter & Co, Boosey & Hawkes and Besson.
These bugles have NEVER been a "regulation" bugle in the United States military. T is no record of any contract for a M1855 British Duty
Bugle for US use and no specification for its construction in any US Quartermaster record. Unfortunately, they remain mislabeled as such. (The
only instance of M1855 use in the US military was the use of Boosey & Hawkes Model 1855 bugles for some years in The Old Guard Fife and Drum
Since this type of instrument was around at the turn of the last century, many
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