British Original Comic Art. Red Skelton. Film Fun. Reg Parlett.

Original pen and ink artwork by REG PARLETT for "Red Skelton" in FILM FUN.
Complete page. Dated 6 November 1954. Superior example of Reg Parlett's 1950s
style!. Here it's Bonfire Night on a November night in 1954!

RegParlett (1904-1991) was the son of Harry Parlett and brother of George Parlett

(both comic artists). The family is also related to Tom Parlett (postcard artist) and

David Parlett (games creator). Reg Parlett’s first work for comics was joke drawings

for MERRY & BRIGHT around 1920. Soon his work was appearing on the front page

and by the 1930s he was one of the top artists working for the Amalgamated Press (AP),


Parlett served in the RAF during the 1939-1945 war. In the late 1940s he joined ex-Disney

man David Hand at Gaumont British Animation (GBA) studios (operated by Rank) where

he was employed as a writer and artist. During this time Parlett continued to work for

comics, mainly for one-shot titles issued by small publishers. Titles included : FLASH,

CHALLENGER, FUN BEAM, ZIP and others. When GBA closed down and the small

publishers disappeared he returned to the comics of the Amalgamated Press (AP) but

making time for

‘Animal Farm’ (1954). During the following decades Parlett continued to contribute artwork

and scripts to AP/Fleetway/IPC titles RADIO FUN, T.V. FUN, LION, COR!!, SHIVER & SHAKE,

WHOOPEE!, MONSTER FUN, JACKPOT, BUSTER and many others. By the time he died in

1991 Reg Parlett had notched up an astonishing 70 years in comics.

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