British Virgin Islands -Treasure Coins of The Caribbean- Sterling Silver

Up for sale is The British Virgin Islands The Treasure Coins of the Caribbean Set. The set is missing one coin. We have 24 of the 25 coins. I believe you can pick up the missing coin offline. All 24 coins are in good condition without any tarnishing. Each coin is Sterling Silver. (92.5% of pure silver).

Each coin weighs between 12 and 13DWT or 18-19 Grams.

Each coin has a picture of Elizabeth The Second On the Back Side and Dated 1985.

The other side of the coins have various pictures on them
Mint: Franklin MintMetal: Sterling Silver Size: 38mm Total Weight (troy oz.): 15.3 Number of Items in Set: 25 Condition: Excellent

SET HAS ALL COINS. Typo in the previous description, sorry for the confusion!!