British World War II Heliograph 5-in MKV Leather Case

British World War II Heliograph 5-in MKV Original Leather Case

Up for auction is this British World War II Heliograph 5-in Mk V, made by B.W.& M. Ltd. Whatâe(tm)s shown is what the package deal is. I donâe(tm)t know all the parts name but âeoeWhat you see is what you getâe.

The spare mirror pair is in the original Metal Case. This set includes two 5" mirrors, outer case is fully marked and four papers. The mirrors are in excellent condition and do not appear to have been used, the outside of the mirror case does show some wear consistent with age. Printed on the metal, LID, Heliograph's 5-IN, MKV, Spare Parts, Contained in spare mirror box, Mirror Duplex.....1, Mirror Signaling....1, Discs, Paper.....4, Contained in Pocket Spare Parts, Plate, Brass (with 12 spare screws) 1, Springs, Key....2, Springs, Vane.....2, Screws Contained on Brass Plate-Securing Ring Of Mirror Frame 9, Securing Key Spring....2, Securing Vane Spring....2, B.W. & M. Ltd. The leather storage case is in great shape. This would be a terrific addition to your collection!

From Wikipedia at /wiki/Heliograph

A heliograph uses a mirror to reflect sunlight to a distant observer. By moving the mirror, flashes of light can be used to send Morse code. The heliograph was a simple but highly effective instrument for instantaneous
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