Broadcast Vision Stereo Low Power FM Transmitter AXSFMT

BroadcastVision AXSFMT Stereo Low Power FM Transmitter /REPAIR

For Spares/Repair

This item powers up OK (9-12V DC 300mA power supply not included) but just displays 8888. My guess is that it needs work - hence item is being sold for spares/repair with no right of return or seller warranty.


Here's a AXSFMT FM transmitter from Broadcast Vision. These normally sell for over $300 .

They are commonly used in Gyms to allow users to listen to TV etc on their walkman FM receivers. It could equally be used to send audio around a home or business for reception on any FM radio.

Output power low so the signal isn't going to interfere with your neighbors' reception if you stick with the telescopic antenna. Input sensitivity is 0.1V to 1V so any line level signal (such as from a headphone or AUX output) should work fine.

For full information please see the User Manual .

Manufacturer's Generic Product Data

The Broadcastvision Entertainment FM Transmitter is the most universal entertainment solution available. With a transmission range of more than 25,000sq/ft, the FM transmitter provides high quality audio transmission for maximum reception.

Broadcast audio wirelessly from a TV or any audio source with an audio output jack. With the FM system from
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