Broadway Collection 30" Porcelain Angel Doll Numberes 213

This Angel Porcelain Doll is one of the prettiest dolls I have ever seen. She is by the Broadway Collection and is part of their line. Her hands, feet, legs and face are all made of Bisque Porcelain. Her face is hand painted and she is number 213 out of 2400. I propped her up for the pictures but she belongs on a stand. The underlining of her dress is a golden color and the top overlay is a creamy white. She has a bow with ribbons and flowers at her waist. She has netting under her dress along with bloomers and white shoes. She has large white feathered wings and is in mint condition. She has a halo of flowers on her head. There will be a little extra for handling as she will have to be packed and unpacked very carefully because of her wings. She is a great price and prize for someone.