BROADWAY HOSTESS Meloy Bros. 40x60 '35 close up of Phil Regan smiling at pretty Wini Shaw!

An Original Vintage Theatrical Meloy Bros. Forty by Sixty Movie Poster (40x60; measures 40" x 60")
Broadway Hostess, the 1935 Frank McDonald New York City romantic love triangle musical melodrama starring Wini Shaw, Phil Regan, and Lyle Talbot (U.S.)
Condition: good -- There is surface paper loss and tiny paper loss around the edges of the poster (more so in the corners), and the poster is "lifting" from the board in the corners. There are creases and scuffs scattered throughout the poster, more so in the solid background areas, but there ARE some in the stars' faces (study our super-sized image to see exactly what they are, but they are not very distracting). There are also some other scuffs and smudges throughout the image and some dents and tiny areas of paper loss around the edges of the poster (please study our super-sized image to clearly see the above described defects). Certainly, a talented restorer could perform restoration to this poster, after which the defects would not be very noticeable at all, although this poster would require more restoration than some of the other Meloy Bros. posters we are auctioning.