Broadway Limited G.N., NW2, With DCC & Sound New

You Are Looking At A New IN THe Box HO Scale Broadway Limited Paragon2 NW2 Road Great Northern Cab #159 Item #2111, This Engine As Sound And Will Run On DC Or DCC, For Payment In Information Call Us At , Thanks For Looking.

INDUSTRY LEADING FEATURES PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS • All new Paragon2 sound and control system • Integral DC/DCC dual mode decoder for ease of operation • Industry best slow-speed operation in DC and DCC • Prototypical light operation with headlight, cab light, and rear light • Authentic EMD NW2 switcher sounds! Controllable in DC and DCC. • All-wheel drive and all-wheel electrical pick-up • Operating knuckle couplers • Factory installed engineer and fireman figures • Near brass-caliber detail at a plastic price • ABS plastic body with heavy die cast chassis for maximum tractive effort • Precision gearing optimized for switching • 5-pole can motor with skew wound armature and dual fly wheels • Locomotive Length (coupler to coupler): 6.25 inches • Locomotive Weight: 9.2 oz • Separately Applied Handrails, Ladders, Whistle, and Brass Bell • Will Operate on Code 70, 83, and 100 rail • Recommended Minimum Radius: 18 inches