Brockwitz Carnival ~ TARTAN ~ Spittoon - BLUE



~ T A R T A N ~

aka "Daisy and Cane"


(photos taken in indoor & outdoor light)

In its 1920s catalogs, German Carnival manufacturer Brockwitz introduced its interpretation of "plaid in glass" .... The "Tartan" pattern comes in two variations -- one with plain "buttons" amongst the plaid squares, while the other has a floral design on the buttons.

The stunning and seldom-seen spittoon offered is the "Daisy & Cane" variation on soft cobalt blue base glass ....

SUPERB iridescence! Richly-hued highlights of royal blue, violet, magenta, turquoise & gold. Strictly my opinion, but it's even better than the photos show ....

Flared, scalloped top rim, in perfect shape.

Very smooth ground base with a 10-point star (see photo #7).

Approx. dimensions: 6.5" across rim to rim; 3.5" across the base, and 3.5" high.

Excellent overall condition -- no nicks, chips or roughness anyw Sadly, however ....

When held at certain angles up to the light, a line is visible which extends across the width of the base (approx. 3"). It appears to me to be a crack. Please see photos #8 & 9 for reference -- photo #8 shows it best. The line begins approximately at "1 o'clock" on the star and extends
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