Bronze 9 Toe Tiki Pendant #021/250

Aloha Villagers!
This yellow bronze TIKI pendant is My "Nine Toe TIKI " (count the toes)
It's a limited edition piece, I am casting only 250 Yellow bronze versions of this Tiki then the mold will be retired.
It is 1 3/8ths inches tall, it's oval in cross-section 1/2 inch wide and 3/8ths thick, and comes on a 36 inch natural leather or black leather necklace. (Please specify choice when ordering)
Each one created is numbered 001 through 250 on the back. The one pictured is the casting proof.
The one offered will be # 021/250, they're going pretty quick!
This is a great "must have" addition to any serious Tiki memorabilia collector.
I don't stock these Tiki's, I cast them custom to order :) Please allow a couple extra days to complete the casting and polishing process.
Wishing You lotsa cool boat drinks and warm tropical breezes
Mark @ MCC