Bronze Age Comics (LOT ONE - 40 Items) Super Heros (Mixed)

You are bidding on a lot of forty (40) BRONZE AGE comics that were purchased by me in the 1970s. I am selling my entire collection so please check out all my active auctions to see what might interest you. Here are the books contained in LOT ONE:

Brand Issue# Title

DC 1 Kung-Fu Fighter

DC 1 Man-Bat

DC 1 Super-Team Family

DC 4 Swamp Thing


DC 5 Secret Origins

DC 7 First Issue Special - The Creeper

DC 10 Strange Sports Stories

DC 11 The Demon

DC 14 Weird Mystery Tales

DC 14 Weird War Tales

DC 15 The Mystery and Madness of... Weird War Tales


DC 16 Super-Heroes Battle Super-Gorillas

DC 42 It's Midnight... The Witching Hour!

DC 108 the Brave and the Bold Presents Batman and SGT Rock

DC 111 100 Pages Justice League of America

DC 121 the Brave and the Bold Presents...Batman and Metal Men

DC 123 The House of Secrets

DC 125 Justice League of America

DC 137 Justice League of America

DC 205 100 Pages Super Boy staring the Legion of Super-Heroes

DC 211 100 Pages Wonder Woman

DC 227 The Flash

DC 232 The House of Mystery

DC 234 The Flash

DC 257 100 Pages Batman

DC 259 100 Pages BatMan

DC 269 Superman

DC 283 Superman
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