Bronze Age Marvel Astonishing Tales KA-ZAR 1-20 & KA-ZAR 1-20 Complete Runs !

This auction is for two complete runs of the Bronze Age Marvel Ka-Zar Comic Book series.. Included are 40 Books as follows:
Marvel Astonishing Tales Ka-Zar : Books 1 thru 20 ( Volume 1 ) - complete run
Marvel Ka-Zar : Books 1 thru 20 ( Volume 1 ) - complete run
I originally purchased these at the time ( some used ), read them once, and then stacked them up in a closet.. As indicated, both series' are complete runs and both are volume 1. The Astonishing Tales series started publication in 1970 while the Regular series started in 1974..
I would say the Books in the Astonishing Tales series are in decent shape and would probably grade in the Very Good / Fine range ( 5.0 ).. There are no missing pages or cut-outs and only a few very minor tears. There are creases and writing on the back of most issues ( typically the price ) and some scuffs also.
The Regular series is in better condition as I would say in Fine to Very Fine range ( 6.0 to 7.0 ).. Some may be better.. There are few if any tears and there are fewer creases than the Astonishing Tales series.. There is writing on the back a few of the Books in this series.. No pages missing or cut-outs..
This is a rare opportunity to obtain two complete early Bronze Age Comic Book runs of a much more desired series at the same time in one auction.. And at a fair price
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