Bronze Female Bust on Bronze Base - Classical Sculpture

Hemmingway, Braun & Riely

Estate Appraiser's and Fine Art Liquidators

Simply Gorgeous, Excellent Condition, Superb Quality This Auction is for a Outstanding Bronze Bust of an unknown Female. Majestically Mounted on a Sculptured Bronze Base. Virtuous! ~ Alluring! ~ Elegant! ~ Classical! PHOTOS: '" '" VERY FINE QUALITY BRONZE STATUE DESCRIPTION:
HIGH QUALITY BRONZE STATUE ON MARBLE BASE DIMENSIONS: 17 1/2 " x 11 1/2 " x 7 " (45 x 29 x 18 cm) SHIPPING WEIGHT: 15 Lbs.
Please review the VERY LARGE pictures and notice the exacting details and the Excellent Condition of this very collectible Bronze Statue. This superb work suggests that the artist was not only extremely accomplished, but was also a very well educated and experienced Master Artist. This gorgeous work of art was produced using the "Lost Wax" casting method as described below. All pictures are of the ITEM or ITEMS that are up for auction.




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Lost Wax Casting Method :

The "Lost Wax" or Hot Cast is the most precise metal casting technique in existence, ensuring a statue with accurate and exquisite detail. This statue is made of Bronze (a mixture of copper and tin), and was cast from a wax model utilizing a process that was founded thousands of years
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