Bronze Thailand Flatware 28pcs w/Siam Etching + Chest

(as etched on the handle ends) Jim's Gems (Bronze Factory) Bangkok, Thailand (as labeled inside the box) This set of flatware - service for eight - resides in a lined solid wood chest with a plastic (Bakelite) handle. Each item is held in place with a tab. And it's GORGEOUS! In addition to the bronze, they each feature a reddish wood handle (possibly rosewood). Everything appears minimally (or never) used but could benefit from polishing (or not). The box is intact - the hinges are rusty - the front closures are partially missing - t's normal wear on the wood (some fine scratches and little nicks) - and some of the tabs holding the items in place are lifted. Estimated packed weight 8-1/2 lbs. Eight 7" forks Eight 6" spoons Eight 8" knives One 10" knife One 9" serving spoon One 9" serving fork (three tines) One 9" serving fork (two tines) T is a tab for an additional item above the knives - it is missing. See seller's eBay auctions for companion pieces to this collection. No Reserve * No Buy It Now

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