Brooklyn Philharmonic PASQUALE BRIGNOLI 1864 Program

This is a rare original program from the May 14th, 1864 concert of the PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY of BROOKLYN at the new Brooklyn Academy of Music ..... The Philharmonic Society of Brooklyn, in its seventh season was formed on April 13th, 1857 by a group of wealthy Brooklynites. The population of Brooklyn had grown to such an extent (266,000 by 1860) that it could support its own Symphony Orchestra, which continued to present concerts until 1891. The Fifth Concert on Saturday evening, May 14th, 1864 featured Soprano Mrs. MARIE ABBOTT, Tenor Signor PASQUALE BRIGNOLI and French Horn player Mr. H. SCHMITZ. The Orchestra was conducted by Mr. T. EISFELD and the concert included selections by Spohr, Verdi, Weber, Handel and Wagner ..... Biography: Signor PASQUALE BRIGNOLI (1824 - 1884) was an Italian-born American tenor. He received a fine musical education, and became a pianist of some ability. It is said that at the age of fifteen he wrote an opera, and, disgusted at the way in which the finest aria was sung, rushed upon the stage and sang it himself, to the delight of all. Little more is known about his early life because he was very reticent about it. During a civil hearing in New York in 1864 ( Godfrey vs. Brignoli ), he refused to divulge to the court what he had done before he became a singer. However, he told the court that he had

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