Brown Ripple Ebonite Bolt Action Pen made by Swamphousewoodworks

You are looking at a handturned Bolt Action Bullet Pen turned with Brown Ripple Ebonite. It is in the style of a .308 bullet. This pen has been sanded to 12000 grit and sealed to allow a glossy, extremely durable finish which will last for years. It is easy to operate, just press down on the bolt and press upward into the action and the nib will go into action, reverse the process and it will go into "safety mode". This pen is refillable, and accepts a Parker style refill. These refills can be found at any office supply store that sells pen refills. To refill the pen, the bullet nib unscrews and the refill comes out. What makes this pen unique is of course the style, but the pattern of the ebonite. Ebonite is an type of rubber that was used in the early 19th century. This material is very soft, but hard enough to take a shine. A very different material that I just started using. Please let me know if you have any questions. Finish: Black EnamelMaterial: Brown Ripple Ebonite Ships with black velvet gift box. Thank you for viewing, and I hope you have a great Holiday Season.