BROWNING Mdl SPG-04-01 Beautiful Wood Handle Liner Lock

Unused with Box, this Browning model SPG-04-01

has beautiful w ood handles to add a little more style

and outdoorsy feel! Cleverly disquised as a tactical, this

versatile knife is light and tough. Silver matt finished

blades contrasting a black frame make this a unique

looker. Closed length approximately 4 5/8", while

the blade is approximately 3 1/4". NOTE: This knife was

custom engraved on the blade with the initials JSF.

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Most additional knives purchased or shipped together with original purchase are shipped for only $3.00 each.

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PLEASE NOTE : Many knives, including brand new knives, can have light opening marks on the blades.

Often they can be polished away if you want to try, but they may return anyway! I try to show or mention these small

blemishes, but sometimes they may sneak by. If this is a paramount concern to you, you will have to contact me before

bidding and I will check this out for you.

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