Bruce Fox Lobster serving dish/tray Royal Hickman RH 20

Bruce Fox Lobster serving tray with huge claws. Appears to be of sculpted cast and polished Aluminum but could be of another alloy too, perhaps Pewter. Great detail, and in pretty good shape. It is about fifteen inches long, and each claw is about seven inches long, and about four inches wide. The arched back stands over three inches above the table top. It weighs in at just under two pounds, but the oversized claws are the key. If it were a real ready to eat lobster, the tasty tail meat would not be very much, but the delicious claws would overwhelm you!
Bottom of lobster marked Royal Hickman RH 20 on the left claw.
Etched signature of Bruce Fox on the lobsters right claw, along with underline accent.
Underside of Lobster shows plenty of small wear scratches, and minor pitting near the signature.
A really cool serving tray, perhaps for lobster horsdoeuvres, or another seafood horsdoeuvres at your next party, it is sure to be a great hit. Thanks for looking, hope you win this great piece!
The Bruce Fox Story

Bruce Fox was a young artist, sculptor, and visionary in 1938 when, upon returning to the United States after an adventure through Central America, he founded the company which still bears his name as the outlet for his artistic energies.

While in Panama, Fox had learned the trade of metalsmithing
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